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Quality Dance Instruction

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  • When your child realizes that they have a passion for something and you can see it in their eyes, it’s something you just wish you could bottle up forever. One year ago, Molly set foot on a dance floor she’d never been on before. She was nervous and a little uncertain on whether or not dance was going to be for her after having taken a break for a few years. Fast forward to today and all I can say is dance has become her life. She’s obsessed! It’s all she talks and dreams about. She’s determined to dance just like the older and more experienced girls one day. It’s only because ofTamra Challacombe, Molly’s dreams are unfolding right in front of her. She has ignited a passion in Molly that  I hope stays lit for many years to come. Molly would say that to know Tamra is to love her and to be taught by her is a blessing. As long as Molly is given that chance to dance, she most certainly will!-Lindsay Arndt

  • I have been meaning to tell you that we are so grateful for your dance studio. I really love how supportive you are to ALL the kids.  You really are so kind and you never ever make the kids feel bad or like they aren’t doing a good job. When deciding on activities and such for the girls within our budget , I much rather my money go to places like yours!! -Kim Finley

  • Tamra Challacombe. When I thought I wanted to quit dance, you quietly held space for me without judgement. You didn't shame me for not going to class, you just asked me if I wanted to perform in a musical or be your assistant. You opened my eyes to new possibilities in dance without pressure. If I'd only faced judgement or disappointment then I wouldn't have found my way back to class or into my current life. So excited for your new adventure in finally having your own studio. Thank you!  -Sarah Wilcoxon 

  • Also from Sarah Wilcoxon to the Board of Peoria Ballet

I hope this is not an imposition, but I wanted to write you to express my admiration for Tamra Challacombe. I have known Tamra since I was 13 years old, and as such I am in a position to offer you a unique perspective on her work as both a teacher and a mentor. I want to tell you about the positive long term impact she has had on my life.

            From a technical standpoint, Tamra’s greatest asset is her deep knowledge of the science of dance technique. Her academic background in dance and masterful communication of that knowledge has saved me from chronic injuries as well as helped me rehabilitate several traumatic injuries. Because dance in an academic setting is a fairly new phenomenon compared to other academic pursuits, it is certainly not the norm for dance teachers. Professional experience is often seen as an equivalent or sometimes even an advantage. Tamra has the benefit of both professional experience and academic certification. She is able to utilize the findings of dance research and apply that knowledge to a professional setting. A lot of my work with Tamra has been “re-patterning” some of my dangerous movement habits that have developed under the tutelage of teachers without Tamra’s anatomical understanding. All of my teachers had a wealth of experience from me to learn from, but those without an academic background did not always understand the potential physical danger of intensive ballet training on young bodies. When making compensations or adapting movement, people can really get hurt. Through my work with Tamra, my technique has improved greatly, and I dance without fear of future knee and hip replacements. 

            As far as mentorship, I name Tamra among the top 5 most positive influences in my life. As a teenager, I started drifting from ballet. Tamra encouraged me to explore other opportunities to dance by casting me in several musicals she was choreographing. While my other teachers were frustrated by my decision to step away from ballet and became angry with me, Tamra supported me and encouraged me to keep dancing in any way I felt comfortable. She encouraged me to take voice lessons and asked me to assist her in choreographing musicals. Looking back now, it is clear to see that Tamra doesn’t bring her ego to teaching. It’s not about her students becoming star ballerinas because it will reflect positively on her. She actually cares about each individual student as a person. She wants to help her students find their own path. Instead of turning away from me as many of my other teachers did, she opened doors for me and provided leadership opportunities that changed the trajectory of my life.  Because of my work in musicals with Tamra, I started teaching dance to support myself through college and later to supplement my income while I was working full time.

When I knew I wanted to quit my job in Public Relations and pursue a full time dance teaching career, I came to Tamra. Even though I was no longer a child, she was still happy to help by helping me narrow down my choice schools and choreograph a solo for auditions. With her help, I was accepted into one of the best dance schools in the country to pursue my MFA in Dance. Getting an academic education in dance to supplement my experience was important to me because I saw it set Tamra apart from my other teachers. She has helped me grow into the person I am today, and I will be forever grateful to her for giving me the confidence and support to follow my dreams.


  • Velocity Dance Center is a great studio that focuses on teaching technique. They offer classes in lyrical, jazz, tap, ballet and little kid combo classes. Tamra is an amazing teacher and choreographer I am lucky to have taken from her in my past and am happy I get the chance to learn from her again.#VelocityDanceCenter #Ballet#technique #Danceforallages -Amariah Hiddn

  • Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, Ms. Tamra is an excellent choice of instructor. She is attentive and encouraging, yet uncompromising in technique. Her personal passion for dance is obvious and contagious!-Leslie Beauchamp Apel 

  • Miss Tamra is a fantastic dance teacher. She focuses on more than making sure her dancers memorize a routine for recital. She teaches her dancers proper technique. I highly recommend this dance studio for all levels of dancers! -Maranda Benckendorf

  • Tamra is a master of dance. She is the choreographer and instructor behind some of the most amazing area productions, and is excellent at teaching any age or level of experience.

I've seen her work with very young children and 'I don't dance' adults, and it's nothing short of astounding. If your child is interested in dance, this is the place to build on that spark!

-Emily Rusk

  • My 1st IMMEDIATE thoughts...professionalism, strength, technician

Expressive, passion- Todd Michael Cook (Former teacher AMDA NYC)

  • My first thoughts are a unique mix of discipline/rigor and joy of movement/expression. Also uniquely sets and then exceeds high standards-Sarah Wilcoxson-Dance Professor MSU

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